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CEFR English is an accredited and recognised programme by Ofqual; therefore, 100% of the processes, programme objectives, training targets must be strictly complied with, adhere to the CEFR for English (according to European Qualification Framework, not Vietnamese), at the same time, strictly adhering to the training goals of each session and each programme.

All CEFR English of London Language College programmes are implemented according to the Hybrid Learning model, combining online lectures and classroom practices. Learners can study anywhere but must still ensure learning efficiency and prepare thoroughly for the LanguageCert CEFR exams consistently held globally.

Hybrid Learning ModelHybrid Learning = Web-based learning + practice and review with PPP

Online learning on LMS system

Learn anytime, anywhere with online lectures on CEFR English’s LMS with 100% of textbooks and lectures delivered from the UK

Join local practice

Learners are allowed to participate in practice sessions to practice reflexes and use English. Practice sessions can be in class or one-on-one through the online system.

Practice from the PPPs of London Language College

Learners are intensively trained to best prepare for the global CEFR English exam at the Preparation and Practice Provider (PPP).

How does the Hybrid Learning model help ensure the training's quality and effectiveness?

Hybrid Learning is an advanced learning model that helps take advantage of both online and traditional training. Learners are guaranteed quality through:

  • The online curriculum that tracks the adult learning process, including (1) Knowing – (2) Understanding – (3) Applying – (4) Retraining to become reflexive.
  • Practical workshops help increase English proficiency, especially communication ability.
  • The training objectives are evaluated in each session and during the whole programme.
  • Practicing anytime, anywhere helps to save time and money.
  • Reduce dropout rates due to time spent interacting with classmates and teachers.

3 factors that help learners confidently complete the programme

The success rate is due to applying the Hybrid model combined with practising through PPP

The learning process and quality assurance of CEFR English of London Language College

All programmes implemented by CEFR English have been accredited and recognised by London Language College with the following criteria:

  • Ensuring the organisational apparatus, faculty, and internal communication process.
  • Ensuring the objectives of the subject and each lecture
  • Having an operating procedure for each stage from learner reception to exam preparation and testing (according to the global schedule and organisation of London Language College).
  • Having a process in place to deal with non-conformity.
  • Having a process for remediation, prevention, and improvement.

The programme is implemented with quality control in 3 groups:

  • Quality of online training system
  • Quality of classroom training
  • Quality of the refresher process
  • Quality of test rigour controlling (according to the Global London Language College calendar)

London Language College and Ofqual UK strictly control the implementation process of CEFR English. In case of non-conformity, we will process the implementation of correction, prevention, and improvement to:

  • Make sure errors are identified
  • Make sure errors are corrected
  • Make sure errors are prevented and do not happen again in the future

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