Exemption liability

CEFR English, a member of London Language College, specialises in training and examining English programmes according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). To ensure the activities are legal, formal, and meet the rigorous inspection standards of stakeholders, and to ensure learners’ rights, avoid misunderstanding, CEFR English, London Language College and its partners would like to declare the rights, responsibilities, and disclaimers detailed below.

CEFR English and programmes are accredited and recognised by Ofqual UK. Practice and Preparation Providers (PPPs) are authorised to represent the test organisation but do not interfere with the exam results and do not guarantee passing or commit to the content beyond the limits of our jurisdiction.

Legal features for exams implementation

CEFR English License in the UK

CEFR English programmes are developed and examined under the license of London Language College and the Ofqual (UK.Gov) awarding bodies LRN.

Training of Practice via PPP

In globally, London Language College’s PPPs (Practice & Preparation Providers) are responsible for preparing, revising, and organising the London Language College CEFR English exams.

PPPs use the PPP's license

CEFR English language testing and preparation centres will use the licenses and legal entities of the PPPs themselves. Learners are encouraged to take a test before reviewing and taking the exam.

PPPs must be accredited by London Language College

To review and examine the London Language College’s CEFR English programmes, PPPs must have official authorisation from London Language College.

PPP not allow to award their certificate

London Language College issues the entire certificate based on the CEFR framework and requirements if Ofqual (UK.Gov) awarding body LRN.

PPPs do not interfere with the exam results.

All examination activities of CEFR English are developed, marked and determined by London Language College. PPPs are just the organisational units.

London Language College’s content does not undertake.

According to UK law, global implementation model through PPPs as well as treaties and laws on training, examination, accreditation of English language programmes in the UK, London Language College does not undertake to

  • Does not commit to a pass if you do not meet the academic requirements of London Language College, and the exam results are regulated by London Language College and the Ofqual quality control system.
  • No commitment of degrees, certificates will be received or recognised by a third party. The reception is the authority of the third party, not under the authority of London Language College. Learners need to verify all information before taking the exam with the CEFR English system. 
  • Does not commit to an automatic promotion after graduation, career success, or other career development issues.
  • Does not commit to the obtained qualification/certificate being accepted at the agency being employed by or other agencies (decision belongs to the receiving agency)
  • Does not commit to students being able to immigrate or settle down after graduation. The decision belongs to the immigration authorities of the countries.
  • Does not commit to stating that the qualification/certificate is equivalent to other countries’ qualification/certificates (responsibility belongs to the Ministry of Education or relevant educational authorities of each country)

London Language College commits:


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