Accredited and Recognised Programme

For the English programme under the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to be accredited and recognised in other countries, the prerequisite must be verified in the country of origin. In the UK, the accreditation unit must be Ofqual UK.

100% of London Language College’s CEFR programmes are accredited and accredited by Ofqual UK.

Based on the Regulated Qualifications Framework RQF, European Qualifications Framework EQF, Australian Qualifications Framework AQF, ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework AQRF, London Language College’s CEFR qualifications are eligible for accreditation in Europe, Australia, Asia, and  Asean.

In the UK, English language qualifications must be accredited by Ofqual UK.

Ofqual UK Inspection Codes of CEFR English

  • CEFR English A1: UK.Gov Ofqual 603/0506/X. Check Here
  • CEFR English A2: UK.Gov Ofqual 603/0524/1. Check Here
  • CEFR English B1: UK.Gov Ofqual 601/8050/X. Check Here
  • CEFR English B2: UK.Gov Ofqual  601/8051/1. Check Here
  • CEFR English C1: UK.Gov Ofqual 601/8055/9. Check Here
  • CEFR English C2: UK.Gov Ofqual 601/8054/7. Check Here

The advantages of accredited and recognised CEFR

  • Guaranteed of the training programme and process quality
  • Guaranteed of the accredited and recognised programme by Ofqual UK
  • The certificate is permanently valid
  • Easy to be accepted by local and abroad businesses and organisations

Ofqual is the UK’s most prestigious English language accreditation organisation.


"Can Do" by CEFR English training and examining system.

CEFR English is recognised in UK and globally

All CEFR English of London Language College programmes are accredited by Ofqual UK alongside the Regulated Qualifications Framework RQF applicable to the UK.

  • Accredited in the UK by Ofqual
  • Accredited in Europe under the European Qualifications Framework EQF
  • Equivalently accredited in Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework AQF
  • Equivalently accredited in Asia and ASEAN

In the UK, English programs need to be accredited by Ofqual UK

Equivalence between CEFR and IELTS

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