Accreditation and Recognition

To be accepted in the workplace or in teaching, a UK CEFR English programme to be accepted in the workplace or in teaching must be accredited and recognised. This section collects frequently asked questions about the Accreditation and Recognition of the London Language College CEFR English programme.

London Language College is an institution located in London, UK, with full license to implement English programmes at all levels, from certificate to diploma. The UK government licenses London Language College with UKRLP code (UK Register of Learning Providers) number 10087369. London Language College is also approved to participate in the UK government’s ESFA (the Education and Skills Funding Agency) programme.

The entire English programme of CEFR English in collaboration with LRN UK. LRN is a UK-based diploma-granting institution accredited and recognised by Ofqual. 100% of CEFR English programmes are recognised by Ofqual, recognised in the UK, in Europe and other countries that apply or recognise the CEFR competency framework.

Students can visit Ofqual UK site to check the accreditation of each program based on the inspection code. Specifically:

  • CEFR English A1 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 603/0506/X. Check here
  • CEFR English A2 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 603/0524/1.  Check here
  • CEFR English B1 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8050/X. Check here
  • CEFR English B2 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8051/1. Check here
  • CEFR English C1 passed the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8055/9. Check here
  • CEFR English C2 passes the UK.Gov Ofqual inspection code 601/8054/7. Check here

The entire English programme of London Language College is coordinated with the English language certification system that is accredited and recognised by Ofqual. Therefore, CEFR English programmes are fully recognised in the UK. Pursuant to the regulations and treaties on recognition of certificates and diplomas in Europe and countries that use the CEFR English competency framework, the London Language College English certificate (the program accredited by Ofqual) is recognised in principle at:

  • European-wide recognition according to the Common European Competency Framework CEFR
  • Recognition in Asia and Vietnam according to the Asian Competency Framework ARQF
  • Recognition in Australia according to the Australian Competency Framework AQF with comparable comparability.
  • Africa-wide recognition according to the African Competency Framework.
  • Recognition under the vocational education system and some American vocational training associations.

Note: In the case of applying and using the CEFR English certificate in each Country, the Law of the Country will apply if the Country has its own applicable recognition law.

The UK CEFR English language certificate has no expiration date. However, in order to maintain and develop English competence, London Language College encourages maintaining one’s self-learning process after graduation.

Objectives for studying and taking the CEFR English exam.

There are many English programmes in the world, so what does London Language College’s CEFR English programme help learners in studying, teaching, and settling down?

CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, including English. CEFR English or English CEFR is an abbreviation for the English programme that applies the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

CEFR English (with programmes accredited by Ofqual) is globally applied and recognised for the purpose of assessing English language learning and use, and as a basis for comparison and recognition of equivalent English competence between teaching systems.

The CEFR Competency Framework for English includes 6 levels including A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 which are fully compatible with other accredited and recognised English assessment systems.

CEFR is only a reference framework for languages and English programmes under the CEFR competency framework to be recognised must be accredited programmes.

Accredited and recognised CEFR English programmes such as London Language College’s CEFR English programme will have the following advantages for learners:

  • The learning objectives are clear and explicit
  • The learning outcomes are predictable based on the target competency framework, lecture content and training results (Learning Outcome).
  • The CEFR English certificate is recognised in most countries and territories, including Vietnam.
  • It is compatible with all other English training systems in the world.
  • It helps employers understand the candidate’s ability when taking on a job.
  • The certificate is valid for life.

English according to the CEFR competency framework is fully compatible with other English training systems in the world. The table below compares the English CEFR and other systems:

The process of learning English CEFR

Learning English is a process, and the London Language College CEFR English programme is no exception. This section answers questions about learners’ learning process in order to optimise effectiveness after completing the programme.

The CEFR English programme applies the Hybrid Learning training model, a training model that combines online learning and classroom practice with 100% of the lectures meeting the CEFR competency framework, which is recognised by LRN, and the London Language College accreditation and examination system.

Hybrid Learning = Online + Ofline

The Hybrid Learning model helps to optimise the effectiveness of online training while combining the effectiveness of classroom training, overcoming the disadvantage of 100% online training in which it is easy to get bored and give up due to the lack of motivation and friends in class. The Hybrid Learning model helps:

  • Saves time
  • Cost savings
  • More efficient with a companion online system
  • Increase the ability to self-learn English
  • Maintain effective English proficiency after graduation.

To better understand the Hybrid Learning model, please refer to  HERE

Since the London Language College’s CEFR English programme is fully compatible with the European CEFR framework and the 6-level competency framework for Vietnam (also based on the CEFR framework), therefore, after completing the programme, if you do not want to take the London Language College’s CEFR English exam, you can participate in any exam programmes.

London Language College’s CEFR English focuses on students’ effectiveness and proficiency in using English rather than obtaining a diploma from an institution. Learners are completely confident and can freely choose and take an exam at any programme, or any examination centre after completing the programme.

London Language College implements CEFR English language training and review centres across the country through the PPP model (Practice & Preparation Provider). These PPPs will organise English training from A1 to C2.

After completing the training programme, learners will go through a preparation period to take the London Language College’s CEFR English exam.

The CEFR English certification exam is held according to the global schedule and is only organised by London Language College. PPPs are not allowed to conduct exams, evaluate and recognise results.

Please contact the exclusive London Language College representative for more information about the CEFR English programmes   HERE.

Before joining London Language College’s CEFR English programme, learners will take an English proficiency test to determine the corresponding level that they can participate in.

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT the London Language College PPPs (Practice & Preparation Providers) to register for a placement test.

CEFR English exam process

How do I take the exam effectively and successfully right from the first time after completing the learning programme?

Learners can register for the CEFR English exam at London Language College’s examination centres in Vietnam or around the world.

Please CONTACT us for more information about CEFR English examination locations and models.

  • The CEFR English review process will be implemented by authorised London Language College PPPs.

After completing the CEFR English training programme of London Language College, learners, besides improving their English ability corresponding to the CEFR English framework, can confidently participate in the review to get a certificate at any accredited and recognised system.

The London Language College CEFR English exam process consists of 4 tests:

  • Speaking exam
  • Writing exam
  • Listening exam
  • Reading comprehension exam

Depending on the programme, the exam structure and time will be different. Please go to each CEFR English programme, go to the “Exam Structure” Tab of each programme for more information.

Because the objective of London Language College is not to focus on review and exam preparation, but rather, it is focused on serious training and adhering to training objectives for practical effectiveness. Thus, the CEFR English certification exam is not a problem if learners participate fully and seriously.

Prerequisites for a successful exam:

  • Learn fully and seriously
  • Participate in the review

London Language College makes no promises or commitments about passing the exam when participating in CEFR English programmes.

Returning results and verifying CEFR English certificate

Although London Language College’s CEFR English certificate is valid forever, London Language College suggests that after graduation, candidates should use diploma verification tools to ensure that they have sufficient evidence for the third parties and stakeholders about their learning and examination process

  • Result announcement table – Statement of Result (SoR) & e-certificate in 10 working days (Paper-based exam) and 5 working days (Computer-based exam). SOR will send emails to individuals or through authorised PPPs in Vietnam.
  • Badge and e-certificate will be sent in 10 business days via email to the individual or through the PPP.
  • Hard-copy certificates will be delivered within 30 days from the results publication date. Learners can visit the authorised London Language College PPPs in person or have them sent home by post.

CEFR English is a member of London Language College (LLC), an institution in London, licensed by the UK government with UKRLP code (UK Register of Learning Providers) number 10087369. London Language College is also approved to participate in the UK government’s ESFA programme (the Education and Skills Funding Agency).

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