Practice effectively through PPP - Preparation & Practice Provider recognised by London Language College.

Besides learning to increase English proficiency, ensuring effectiveness in preparation before testing (according to the global CEFR English of London Language College exam schedule) is an important requirement. Although London Language College does not commit to and guarantee a passing grade, London Language College is committed to the training programme and process being the right quality and following CEFR English requirements.

Through PPPs recognised by London Language College, learners, after completing the course, are conducted to prepare for the best CEFR English exams. PPPs will help:

  • Help learners understand the exam process of London Language College
  • Help learners access the sample exam to familiarise themselves with the exam process.
  • Depending on the level, learners can take a mock test before taking the official exam.

London Language College supports PPPs so that tuition is no longer a burden.

Tuition reduction

Tuition fees are consistently lower than the original programme, yet we still guarantee the quality, benefits, and certificates after passing the exam.

Study loans

In some special cases, learners are considered for loans with the full interest rate paid by LLC.

Tuition is divided into instalments.

Tuition fees are divided and paid in instalments depending on the programme, making it easy for learners to pay.

Support for exceptional circumstances

Learners participating in the CEFR programme with particularly difficult circumstances can be considered for receiving a grant of up to 90% from London Language College.

Contact PPPs of London Language College

PPP in Switzerland

  • Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 44551 7887
  • Email:
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PPP in France

  • 56 Boulevard de Verdun
  • Courbevoie, Île-de-France
  • Email:
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PPP in Germany

  • Alchstr. 687700 Memmingen, Germany
  • Phone: +15908605264
  • Email:
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English is a wise investment, and CEFR is the trend.

CEFR English is not just about getting the accredited and recognised certificates

English teacher

After graduating from the CEFR English programme, learners can consider becoming English teachers when their programme is combined with TESOL Gate.

Translator - Interpreter

With their widely recognised CEFR English standard of proficiency, learners can confidently work in translation and interpretation environments locally and abroad.

Use at work

With the capabilities they become equipped with in CEFR English, learners can use English in work environments.

In social environments

With familiar communication contexts, learners can confidently use their skills when travelling or in daily communication situations.

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